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Ohio River Bank is about to make your life less stressful with the introduction of Bounce Protection. Now, for qualified checking account holders, we’re pleased to offer this valuable
service for your personal Checking or Money Market Plus accounts...and peace of mind.

What’s Bounce Protection?
Bounce Protection is an overdraft privilege requiring no action on your part. You do not have to sign anything. Your overdraft privilege (Bounce Protection limit) amount will be automatically assigned.

How does Bounce Protection work?
As long as you maintain your account in good standing, Ohio River Bank may honor overdrafts up to the Bounce Protection‚ limit on your account. If you use Bounce Protection‚, you should remember the bank’s normal non-sufficient funds (NSF) fee(s) for each transaction will be deducted from your limit. As in the past, the bank will notify you by mail when an overdraft occurs.

How do I know when I reach the overdraft limit?
You will receive an overdraft notice in the mail each time items are paid. The notice will show the check number, amount and the NSF fee. You should subtract total fees
from your checkbook. Remember, the fee for paying an item is the same as for returning one.

What if I go over my Bounce Protection limit?
Overdrafts above and beyond your established Bounce Protection limit may result in a check or checks being returned to the payee. The normal NSF fee will be charged per check and assessed to your account. An NSF notice will be sent to notify you of our actions.

Can I get Bounce Protection on two separate accounts?
Yes. If you have multiple personal Checking or Money Market Plus accounts for your household, you may have a limit on all eligible accounts.

What are some of the ways to access Bounce Protection?
You may access your Bounce Protection through:

  • ATM transactions
  • ACH debit transactions
  • MasterMoney™ Card
  • Checks and other debits cashed at teller windows
  • Checks issued to a third party
  • All transactions that currently are honored through your account

How quickly do I have to repay Bounce Protection?
You should make every attempt to bring your account to a positive balance as quickly as possible. If you are not able to do so, you will receive a letter from Ohio River Bank informing you of the situation and your options. If, after a period of time, your account has not been brought into a positive balance, we will have no option but to close your account and take other steps to recover funds.

How much does Bounce Protection cost?
There is no additional cost associated with this privilege if you bring your account to a positive balance once every 30 days. As stated previously, you should keep in mind that you will be charged an NSF fee for each check paid under the limit.

What is the Bounce Protection limit?
Your Bounce Protection‚ limit is determined by your account type. For more information concerning your Bounce Protection‚ limit, see your New Account Representative.

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How soon can I use Bounce Protection?
If you are a new active account holder, you will be able to use the overdraft privilege 30 days after the account is opened.

Additional questions?
If you have additional questions or would like more information, call or come by any of our office locations today.

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